17 thoughts on ““Why Must We Eat the Animals” Review

  1. Animals are fucking delicious. And animals eat other animals all of the time. It’s not like we’re killing the natural order. We’re just continuing it. With chainsaws.

  2. I went vegitarian for a while but I got sick of all the hippies like the people that made that song so I was like, “FUCK IT!” and ait a fuck ton of steak!

  3. Humans are a fruitarian species. How easy is it to gather a meal of ripe fruit with your hands?

    Now how good are your naturally equipped tools at killing things? We have some awesome claws to tear apart our prey – oops nope looks like we just have these delicate fingernails, better for peeling an orange than bloodletting.

    Then there are those canines… pretty fearsome eh? How many of you have killed an animal with your teeth? You are obviously on a perversely wrong diet for your species and most of you are paying for it with health complications.

    The only reason humans began to eat meat and dairy was to survive in the harsh conditions away from our native tropics.

    But we pay for our consumption of death. Instant Karma comes in the form of epidemics of arthritis, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and death.

    In the modern era we no longer have to eat animal products. Refrigeration and other technology allows us to get all the fruit vegetables and seeds we need for optimum health.

    The world will change profoundly with the conscious shift away from meat consumption. The peace will increase with the removal of violence as a component of nutrition. Clearer thinking prevails when bodies are not burdened with toxins and strange hormones.

    Read Doug Graham’s 80-10-10 book, and check out durianrider on youtube.

    • Humans actually are fairly good at hunting. We have large brains which enable us to have complex plans and make tools we need to hunt or even use common objects, we are good at picking out tracks, blood, and disturbances in an area with our color vision to track animals, and although we are not fast we have a lot of stamina. That is what we did, we would track animals until they were exhausted and kill them.

      Humans are omnivores, but we are also considered frutigores. That doesn’t mean we should only eat fruit BTW, it means we are able to eat fruit and pass the viable seeds.

      In our modern era, we no long need to eat plants. You can get all the meat you want and take pills and call your diet “natural” just like the vegans, vegetarains, and frutitarians that do the same thing. While we are on the subject, the best diet for humans has been shown to be pescitatian, or fish eaters. All the benefits of meat with fewer draw backs.

      I’m sorry, but vegetarians and vegans are capable of violence. I could say the famous vegs who were mass killers, or I could just say ALF. Becoming a veg doesn’t change who you are, it just makes you believe you are a better person. Look at some Christians who do horrible things in the same or morality.

      People can not eat meat and be fine just like they can eat meat. Durianrider also tends to be one sided. You always hear about the benefits, never the problems. In fact, the problems are usually because the other person “did the diet wrong.”

  4. @Stop Eating Animals
    Well, still we got canines, so we can tear meat apart – they don’t serve us for killing douche since we learned to use weapons. It’s just retarded to fight with evolution. I agree that in modern times you can eat no meat at all and you’ll be just fine – There are many products that can replace animal protein. But obesity and heart diseases aren’t caused only by meat products. It’s a mix of bad diet, lack of physical activity, stress etc. Don’t blame meat products for your fat ass – Just go ride a bike to burn some calories and increase your metabolism biatch.

  5. Also, I am of Native American descent, and I give you mad props for elaborating on the buffalo thing. The last time buffalo hunting was a problem was back in the day when there were still many Native American tribes around who NEEDED to hunt the buffalo, and they never left any part of the animal unused. Meat was used for food, their pelts were used for warm clothes for winter, and the bones were used to make weapons such as arrowheads and spearheads. The only things they didn’t use (to my knowledge) were the organs. So yeah, those guys trying to use heritage or whatever to support their claims are clearly poorly informed, they need to brush up on their history before they try to push their extremist views into a song like that >_>

  6. I would eat a LOT more meat if it wasn’t pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics. you see, the chicken farmers feed the chickens so that they are so fat that their legs break. Once their legs break, then the farmer(s) pump the chickens full of antibiotics and shit. We then eat that chicken that is saturated with drugs. these drugs weaken our immune systems and we get sick. So, this is why we are fat, sick and are getting even more so. I myself think that eating meat is A-OK as long as you don’t mistreat the animals. Anyone who is reading this comment/reply thing should do some research on the meat industry. It is worse than the entertainment industry. Muse, you did bring up good points, WHO THE FUCKING HELL eats birds the size of a Bluebird or whatever the fuck they had on that lame video. I mean what the hell was that about? Don’t eat things that are cute, nice, and stuff? Not a good reason to eat meat at all. after watching this song + video, I feel like punching some hippies or some dumb rasta-singing-white trash.

  7. Also, sorry I forgot to mention. If we stopped growing animals for meat, then all the kittehz would die! NOOOO!!!! Cats cannot survive without eating meat.

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