Good Housekeeping Match (Rope Break)

Jeff Jarrett believes that women have no place in a wrestling ring and is out to prove it to Chyna as he defends his Intercontinental Championship in a “Good Housekeeping Match”

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Best Frienemies Forever (Raw Reactions)

July 14, 2014: Cena and Roman Reigns team up against Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. AJ and Paige are the best of “frienemies”. Rusev declares war on Jack Swagger. The Wyatts close in on Chris Jericho and the WWE gets their first glimpse of Caleb Konley!!

Seth’s Sights on Cena (Raw Reactions)

With the Authority on vacation, Kane takes matter into his own hands beating down Roman Reigns are preparing Cena for a possible Money in the Bank cash-in. Also, Chris Jericho takes on The Miz and Dean Ambrose has a rematch against Randy Orton.